Railtown.ai Engages SmallCap – An exciting commercialized A.I. Story.

Railtown.ai Engages SmallCap – An exciting commercialized A.I. Story.

I am thrilled to share some exciting news that has been a moment of much anticipation for me for the past 4 years. SmallCap has been engaged on a two-year digital marketing and communications program with Railtown.ai along with our strategic business partner, Bello Capital Partners, who will be providing Capital Markets advisory. 

Between SmallCap and our esteemed business partner, this landmark agreement marks a significant milestone in our journey as a leading Canadian small-cap marketing and communications service provider in the ever-evolving world of the Capital Markets.

As a result of this engagement, SmallCap Communications and Bello Capital Partners have been entrusted with the crucial task of representing and fully managing Railtown.ai‘s digital marketing, communications, and capital markets strategy, enabling us to showcase our unrivaled capabilities in the field. I myself, will be consulting as the Company’s VP of Marketing and Communications.

A little background on my history with Railtown.ai and the Railtown team… 

Four years ago, I had the pleasure of working and building a relationship with Cory (CEO of Railtown.ai) and Marwan (CTO of Railtown.ai) at a previous company they started. From there, they left to start a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Company that would fill a desperately needed gap in Software Development. This Company is now Railtown.ai

At that time, Railtown.ai was just an idea and I was fortunate enough to become a seed investor in an idea that I was convinced could change the world.

Fast-forward four years, Railtown.ai is a truly revolutionary AI company that is set to reshape the landscape of software development in unprecedented ways. With a mission to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Railtown.ai is poised to bring about transformative changes that will forever alter how software is conceived, built, and deployed.

We will continue to send updates throughout this project and hope you will continue to follow the Railtown.ai story closely.

To learn more about Railtown.ai, feel free to reach out with any questions or visit their website.

On behalf of the entire leadership team, we extend our gratitude to each member of the SmallCap Communications family for your unwavering dedication and contribution to our collective success. 

Warm regards,

Rebecca Kerswell

Founder & CEO, SmallCap Communications

VP of Marketing and Communications, Railtown.ai