Potash: Growing Solutions for a Growing Industry

March 21, 2023

Let’s talk about #potash, the naturally occurring mineral critical to plant growth, and critical to supporting the global food chain essential to life on earth.

Potash has been a #growing topic of conversation in the #mining and #mineralexploration industry as of late with food security arising as a global area of concern.


Well, there are a few factors, including: 

  • The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, which led many countries to impose sanctions on Russia and Belarus, resulting in potash shortages
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which also halted farming and food production in the Baltic region, resulting in food shortages 
  • With Russia and Belarus being the second and third largest producers of potash (respectively), this left Canada, the largest global producer of potash, responsible for meeting global potash demand 

In the wake of this, many countries and farmers are realizing the importance of establishing local potash supplies to ensure food security amidst global unrest that can result in supply chain disruptions. 

This realization is resulting in an influx of innovation within the potash production industry, and I’m excited to share that I’ve recently partnered with one such company that is part of this innovation. 

Sage Potash Corp. (TSX-V: SAGE) is a Canadian mineral exploration company intent on becoming a prominent potash producer in the Paradox Basin situated in Utah. The Company just went public on the TSXV yesterday, kicking things off with a strong first day. 

I’m looking forward to joining Sage’s journey as their social media and marketing partner, and want to share with you four reasons why I believe in this company: 

1) An American potash supply for American farmers:

Sage is striving to produce a local supply of potash accessible to American farmers to ensure food security free from the threat of supply chain disruptions and political interference. Food security is something that should be afforded to all, including the hundreds of millions of Americans that this would benefit. 

2) Promising historical discoveries in the region

A drill hole discovered by previous operators produced core samples identifying two flat potash beds boasting high grade potash results that hold a lot of promise about the production potential of the region. 

3) Advanced mining technologies

Sage’s production plans include the incorporation of extraction techniques that are far more efficient than traditional methods, grossly reducing waste and promoting ESG in the process.  

4) Strong management team

Sage is backed by a solid management team with decades of experience in the production of potash, and experienced in taking mineral exploration projects from concept to production.

If you want to learn more about Sage Potash, I encourage you to check out their most recent press release which outlines their position as they enter the TSXV, and highlights their plans for the coming year: SAGE POTASH CORP. IDENTIFIES LARGE-SCALE, HIGH-GRADE, US-BASED POTASH RESOURCE AND COMMENCES TRADING ON THE TSX-V UNDER THE SYMBOL “SAGE”

What are your thoughts on #potash and #foodsecurity? Would love to hear them in the comments below.

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