Video Production

High Quality Corporate Videos & Animations

Our Production Partners are Industry Leaders in the Capital Markets

At SmallCap, our video production partners are experts at capturing high-quality corporate video content that our team can utilize to create countless videos that will market your Company for years to come.

This style of content will help position your company ahead of the competition through powerful visuals designed to invite your audience into your projects in a way that inspires investor confidence. 

Here are the top three video options our partners provide that are proven to drive performance: 

B-Roll Production

Corporate Videos & Vignettes
Project Animations
B-Roll Production

Legitimize your project with on-location b-roll videos and photos that capture operations. 

By sending a team to your site to capture footage of your location, team members, equipment, and any other attributes that are unique to your project, our team can create high-quality corporate video content that can be used multiple times.

Longterm Benefits 

20-Minute Onsite B-Roll Creation

Corporate Videos & Vignettes

Provide your audience with an in-depth understanding of your project and why it’s positioned to be a good investment opportunity through corporate videos and vignettes. 

Share this style of video on your social media, website, landing page, and through email updates to attract and engage investors.

How To Use

Short Corporate Videos that are Easy to Watch

Project Animations​

Animations are the best way for you to explain to a wide audience why your project is a lucrative investment opportunity.

This knowledge and understanding translates into investor confidence essential to the longevity of your project.

Investor Benefits 

Project Animation

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