Video Creation

Real-Time, In-House Video Creation

Our team creates original video content for our clients

As experienced capital markets professionals with 10+ years of marketing small cap companies, we understand the timely nature of the industry and our team can produce several quick turnaround video content styles that showcase and tell your Company story. 

Real-Time Videos

Quick Turnaround
Original Content
Custom Branded
SmallCap's 5 Styles of
Client Investor Videos

News Releases

Investor Topics
Sector News
News Release Videos

As part of our social media management programs, our team works with clients to produce quick turnaround news release videos and several styles allowing management to a simple way to create News Release videos from the comfort of their homes or by visiting our downtown Vancouver studio.

Steps to Success

Zoom Recorded & Edited News Release Video

Film Studio (Green Screen) News Release Video

Animated Text News Release Video

Repurposed News Release Video

Investor Topics

Share high-quality project updates with your investors on a weekly basis, made possible by breaking down the points discussed during a 30-minute interview between SmallCap and members of your management team at the start of each quarter.

What We Do

Investor Animation – Why Invest?

Investor Update With B-Roll Compilation

Investor Update Filmed Via Zoom

Project Explainer via Zoom

Sector News

We keep our thumb on the pulse of the industry in order to provide you with video content creation options that are trending and relevant to your company and audience. These videos are effective in attracting and engaging new investor audiences who now view you and your company as a trusted information source. 

Zoom Recorded Industry Update

Trending Story Animated Video

Management Videos

Management is one of the #1 factors guiding investor loyalty. That’s why we emphasize the importance of using video to introduce your management team. Through short and sweet meet-and-greet videos, our team can capture and edit videos designed to showcase the expertise of your management team to instil investor confidence. 

Zoom Recorded Introduction to Management

Presentation Videos

As a public Company, it’s the nature of your business to be constantly evolving, and we want to provide you with a corporate presentation that can keep up. These videos feature a recording of you presenting your pitch deck combined with relevant slides to provide your virtual audience with the feeling of a live presentation.

Zoom Recorded Slide Deck Explainer Video

Corporate Presentation Explainer

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