Tweets With People Get The Best Engagement!

For mining companies, it can be a challenge to take photos and it is something that I struggle with with most of my clients. 

Management and geo’s tend to shy away from the camera BUT, photos with people in them ALWAYS get the BEST ENGAGEMENT

So, stop being so shy! 😁

Your audience loves to see your team. After all, it’s your team that is one of your top investing features and it is your team that creates that personal connection between your company and your investors.

Not to mention… the Management page on your Corporate website is often the most viewed page on your site proving how much interest investors place in your team as part of their buying decision.


How important is photo quality?

High quality photos are great. And, they are necessary for your company website. But honestly, for your social media channels, all that matters is that you take them. Use your iPhone, be proud, and send it out!

To showcase what I am saying, take a look at these Twitter analytics of posts that ranked in the top 10 tweets from the past 3 months.

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