Why We Do It

Our team strives to impress as we work passionately to offer our Clients a uniquely designed and customized program specific to the needs as a Public Company.

Kristina Howe

VP Investor Relations; Ascot Resources

Our communications are not only creative but informative and as a result we are getting exposure to new audiences along with gaining new subscribers. The fact that she understands and is passionate about our industry is very helpful when working together to communicate effectively to our stakeholders.

Andrew Pollard

President & CEO; Blackrock Silver Corp

“Rebecca has worked on Blackrock Silver for a couple years and what I appreciate the most is the creativity and skill SmallCap brings to our Company’s Social Media Channels. Rebecca is able to capture our brand and messaging in all our communications while engaging with our rapidly growing social Investor audience.

Frank Lagiglia

Investor Relations *& Marketing; Benchmark Metals

“Rebecca has done work for me on numerous companies developing and maintaining a social media platform. Her work has resulted in and continues to result in a growing user base on all social media platforms. With constant relevant updates and superb networking any company would greatly benefit from her services.”

Alexander Muir

Investor Relations, CopperCorp Inc.

“I am pleased with the efforts by SmallCap Communications to help launch CopperCorp’s social presence during the early stages of becoming a public company. Rebecca and Tamara worked diligently and creatively to help gain attention to the CopperCorp story and provided a very hands off service for our team freeing up much needed time.”

Amanda Strong

Investor Relations, Josemaria Resources

During our 9-month social media contract, Rebecca and her team were able to help launch the Josemaria Resource’s social media presence, host live investor events with our CEO, Adam Lundin, and our VP of Exploration in Argentina, while maintaining a well-polished social media image to investors and shareholders across North and South America.

Adrian Sydenham

President; MarketSmart Communications Inc.

MarketSmart recommends SmallCap Communications to all of our client companies. Rebecca targets qualified investors to specific sectors with clear and concise messaging blended with eye-catching attractive graphic design which crystallizes into crisp communication to an expansive engaged audience.

Sean Kingsley

Investor Relations, Enduro Mining

“I’m very pleased to provide you with some insight on the value of working with Rebecca Kerswell, as she brings a lot to the table. Her work performance, creativity, availability and public reach platforms, targets and successes have created an abundance of opportunities to reach new groups of investors and a wider audience.”

Steve Regoci

President & CEO, Garibaldi Resources

“Being a small, geology focused team, it has been incredible to have Rebecca and Tamara of SmallCap Communications to fully manage our social media presence, create engaging and original content, support and guide us in our digital marketing strategy and to be able to trust them to work with little management on our behalf.”

Pamela Solly

Investor Relations, Vista Gold

Over the past couple of years, Rebecca and the SmallCap team have become a lifeline of support to my work as the Investor Relations Manager at Vista Gold. The teams ability to create original content for our platforms, advise on marketing strategies and opportunities and be responsive to last-minute needs has made a huge difference in our Company’s digital presence.