Digital Marketing

Full Service Digital Marketing

The Meat and Potatoes of Digital Investor Marketing


Website design & development

Onboarding begins with strategically planning the Company's key messages and storyline.


wordpress website updates

Create videos captured via Zoom discussing your recent news, Corporate Presentations, and industry-relevant topics.


graphic design

Using your Company's videos and images, our team creates stunning graphics and videos for social media use.


internal newsletter management

Receive regular article suggestions to share on networks, as well as, an email alert every time your Company is mentioned on the web.


landing page development

Using a shared Content Calendar, our team schedules a month of pre-approved content.


high impact digital marketing campaigns

At month's, receive a social analytics report on all the posts, engagement, and growth that occurred.


market making & liquidity programs

On top of scheduling 4 weeks of content, our team will share all your news releases, webinars, conferences, images, etc.


engage with investors

On a regular basis, our team reaches out and connects with your followers to build lasting relationships and encourage lead generation.

We Are A Self-Directed Team Requiring Little Management